Channelplay Case Study

POSM Display Campaign for Livpure Water Purifiers

Livpure is market leader in water purifier technology & have 5000 retailer base across India. To ensure the continuous engagement with retailers & channels, Livpure has initiated a VM camapaign across country. Idea was to deploy the PoSM material across outlets & communicate the schemes to retailers.


  • POSM supply chain management to across geographies.
  • Hiring of field executives across India for the deployment
  • Conducting face to face & remote trainings for the communication of deployment guidelines 
  • Setting up the journey plan for the field team to ensure prominent cities gets covered in the first phase.
  • Coordination of the entire activity between Livpure personals and visual merchandisers on field
  • Deployment of PoSMs across retailers post pick up of the material from different stock points.
  • Capturing & Reporting 4 sides photographs of the outlets through inhouse reporting portal named 1Channel.
  • Reporting to client with glimpse photographs & daily coverage excel reports.
  • Validation of the final reports shared with Livpure.


  • Completion of the phases within stipulated time.
  • Visibility of the PoSMs across India as per the prescribed guidelines
  • Geo tagging of the stores.
  • 100% TAT adherence for PoSM deployment
  • Improved Channel engagament. 
  • Increased brand visibility, scheme communication & service sale.
  • Improvement of retail engagement level across geography.

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Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage