Channelplay Case Study

Product & Process Benchmarking


The client wanted to benchmark following parameters against its competition:

  • Product quality and packaging quality
  • End-to-end processes from order placement to product return & refund
  • Logistics partner evaluation and delivery executive experience
  • Customer care responsiveness and problem resolution mechanism
  • Consumer expectations on service standards versus actual experience


  • Product/service selection - Similar products/services were selected across competition to avoid any bias in final outcome.
  • Auditor selection - Auditors were selected across age-groups, income segments and geographies in the target cities.
  • Audit to auditor ratio - Based on past experience, an appropriate audit to auditor ratio was maintained to avoid auditor fatigue.
  • Data collection & quality check - Adequate systems were established to enable real-time data collection and cleaning.
  • Data analysis & reporting - It involved critical evaluation of practices followed at other companies, and identification of benchmarks that could inspire superior performance. The analysis was done at various levels like category, city-tier and order fulfilment.


The insights from the study helped the clients on the following aspects:

  • Identified positives and pain points/focus areas across product and process parameters
  • Identified market leader across product and process parameters based on benchmarks established
  • Established/modified processes for activities where there was no process

Topics: Market Research