Channelplay Case Study

Retail Promoters For A Mobile Brand


Earlier Channelplay was one of the four organizations taking care of the company’s sales force and retail marketing in India. As a testimonial to our excellence in managing retail sales operations, we were presented with the task of undertaking the pan India retail sales management.

The new retail structure demanded strategic foresight and process excellence for end-to-end management of retail sales force while taking ownership of sales targets.


Successful execution of the program was backed by highly qualified and experienced teams at all levels, along with our in-house sales management system – ChannelEdge -  which was the engine behind all the workflow automation. Key activities during program execution included:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of 1,000+ ISDs in two weeks
  • Physical interviews of 800+ ISDs and telephonic interviews of 250+ ISDs for evaluation
  • Work process automation (online attendance, sales and merchandising reporting)


The sales and program profitability was managed effectively by daily sales tracking and regular communication of R&R and KPIs.

  • Sharp rise in ISD productivity across channels (within 2 months of start)
  • Daily sales and attendance reports at ISD level made centrally available to client
  • Efficient visual merchandising and beat planning through ChannelEdge

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management