Channelplay Case Study

Retailer Segmentation for a FMCG Brand

Kohinoor is one of the leading brands in India, mainly known for its best quality Basmati Rice. Having started its glorious journey in 1976, McCormick Kohinoor business has recently launched spices range in select markets. The client wanted us to conduct retailer research to identify influencers and blockers of success in order to do retail optimization.

The sub objectives of the study included identifying the current potential of existing retailers and map it with competition intensity and Kohinoor's executional push in order to derive directional insights.

The sample to be covered was 350 retailers (consisted of both organized & unorganized mom & pop stores) across Delhi NCR market.


  • A market visit was done in all types of stores to frame a relevant & cohesive questionnaire
  • Capturing both observational as well as retailer-interaction based inputs
  • Adequate systems were established to enable real-time data collection and cleaning


The research helped generate insights around:

  • Competition intensity – Kohinoor spices Vs Competiton brands
  • Category play within the stores
  • Placement of Kohinoor spices in the retail stores
  • Repeat purchase and Replacement demand generation
  • Identification of high and low potential stores & strategic recommendations for retail optimization & future expansion
  • Triggers & Barriers of performance – store & cluster wise

Topics: Market Research