Channelplay Case Study

Retailer Insights About An Entertainment Content Package


In order to evolve its product line, the client wanted to test the concept of side-loading, which refers to loading of apps, audio, video, pictures, games & software updates by mobile retailers on request of consumers when they buy a new phone, for a charge. Client wanted to conduct a research about the different types of content consumer prefers and come up with an affordable content package for new smartphone buyers.


The approach for this study included the following essential elements:

Selection of markets: The content market is varied in terms of a metro city versus a lower tier city and also in terms of cultural difference across the length and breadth of the country. Moreover, the tastes and preferences of tier I cities are an immediate reflection of metro cities, so it was more logical to consider the behavior of tier II cities. Selection of markets which rightly represented a region was an important variable in this study.

Retailer classification: There was a need to include all types of retailers for the purpose of the study. This profiling was done on the basis of shop size, footfalls and smartphones sales.


The study enabled the client to refine and tailor its offering as per different markets by providing valuable insights on the following aspects:

  • Content consumption and exchange behavior
  • Type and variety of content preferred across different markets
  • Competition intensity and offering in terms of free as well as paid content

Topics: Market Research