Channelplay Case Study

Retailer On-boarding for one of India's biggest UPI Payment Gateways

The UPI Payment gateway, after gaining a strong online user base had set its sights on exponentially increasing the transactions via acquiring or on-boarding offline Retailers. These retailers would include Kirana stores, Restaurants, Medical clinics, Chemists, Hawkers etc. The UPI Payment gateway wanted to install / deploy the QR Codes at the Retailers, so as the customers can have a convenient method of payment. To initiate this Retailer acquisition, the UPI Gateway wanted to start with a Pilot in a couple of regions in West & North. For the Pilot, the UPI Gateway wanted to on-board 2 separate agencies to provide them with the Feet on Street (FOS) manpower for West & North region.

Problem Statement  

As the mentioned UPI Payment Gateway was a late entrant into the Retail market and most of the retailers already had QR codes deployed at their counters. Being late into the market, the retailers had already built a favorable relationship between other UPI Payment Gateways and the customers too got more habitual of transacting via other gateways.  

Thereby, the mentioned UPI Gateway wanted a Staffing agency which specializes into FOS hiring and staffing, as they wanted many Sales employees to be deployed on the field quickly. Moreover, the gateway wanted to hire such FOS who has an aggressive approach and are self-motivated towards selling.  

Citing the Problem statement faced by the UPI Payment gateway, Channelplay pitched its credentials and proven track record of managing such projects. Channelplay presented that how it had kept its focus only on Sales force Hiring & their management since its inception in 2006. Channelplay’s three pillars – People, Process & technology were all aligned towards hiring & managing of Sales force.  Channnelplay was thereby awarded with Gujarat region which was the struggle for the client and another agency was awarded with NCR region.


Channelplay’s Solution

Channelplay allocated a Program manager to bring upon better coordination, delivery and reporting of the Project. As a first step towards success, Channelplay through its field recruitment team were able to hunt and convince Sales force of other Payment gateways, conduct Campus recruitment of candidates aligned towards selling and extract relevant CVs from its own proprietary database of Sales force available in that region.

Channelplay was able to drive:

  • Higher Turn-ups for interviews
  • Higher Conversion
  • Higher Joining %

Channelplay’s processes of On-boarding, Employee Documentation, Compliance management, Employee Retention Strategies (Medical + Accidental + Term Insurances; Fixed Salary Date; Quicker Issue resolution), Exit Formalities and Periodic reporting were well appreciated by the Client.

Most importantly, through the FOS deployed by Channelplay the UPI Payment gateway was able to acquire significant number of retailers in the designated regions of Gujarat. The acquisition rate of Retailers continuously kept rising and the conversion ratio of retailers visited per retailers converted constantly kept improving.



With the success achieved from the Pilot in Gujarat, the UPI Payment Gateway decided to expand to other prominent regions in West and South.

Considering the role & performance of Channelplay to drive success, Channelplay was awarded with all the other regions in West & South. And with Channelplay continuing to deliver high performance in all these newly awarded regions as well, Channelplay was awarded with NCR which earlier was awarded to another agency.

As of today, Channelplay has 500+ Sales force deployed on its rolls spread across India and our UPI Payment client continues to enjoy success through higher Retailer onboarding and gaining customer mind share for transacting on their interface. 

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management