Channelplay Case Study

Sales Management For A Consumer Electronics Brand


The product in focus is an HDMI dongle which plugs into TV and lets users stream content from multiple sources onto the TV screen wirelessly. The client wanted to test launch their product at retail outlets in metro cities.  They partnered with Channelplay for:

  • Manpower support for product promotion and its in-store sales
  • Accurate and on-time reporting of sales data, demo conversion percentage, customer details and any market insights               


The key activities in project execution were as follows:

  • People - Hired sales people with high affinity to technology who were able to form a connect with the target customers quickly
  • Technology - Deployed in-house field force automation solution, 1Channel, to capture promoter attendance, sales, customer details, demo data etc.
  • Communication - Communicated promotional offers, targets, product features etc. to the team while the team communicated competition information from field
  • Reports - Detailed and exhaustive daily reporting of sales, customer insights and weekly stock along with in-depth monthly sales analysis reports


The program was a success and the key highlights were as follows:

  • Quick and quality recruitment was the key to successful execution of the program. 80% of the recruitment was completed within a week of program launch while complete recruitment was done within 15 days of program launch.
  • Innovative ways were used to maximize promoter productivity. Promoters used flyers and brochures to interact with customers outside the stores during non-peak hours which led to increased product awareness and an increase in sales by 25%.
  • Market insights with regards to customer preferences were provided regularly which helped client in improving their retail strategy

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management