Channelplay Case Study

Seller Acquisition For An Online Gifting Portal


The client is an online gifting aggregator and provides consumers a convenient platform where they can choose and place orders for various gifting items like cakes, flowers, gifts and snacks. The client wanted to start the operations in the metros, and for that it partnered with Channelplay. The task at hand involved identifying the suitable vendors in various categories at different locations and on-boarding them with the client.


The key activities during project execution were as follows:

  • Market research and analysis - The client wanted to operationalize in top locations with specific number of outlets per category. Thus market research was done to identify the locations/outlets based on foot-falls, viability/volume of the business and ease of delivery.
  • Seller training - The on-boarded sellers were trained by us on various aspects of managing their account on the online gifting portal – right from portal setup to tracking of sales.
  • Reporting - Daily submission of the sales status, all the requisite contracts, data points and photographs was carried out by the sales team.


The program was a success for the client in terms of penetration into major areas with big category players on board. Key highlights were as follows:

  • Major vendors from each category were roped in adding to brand value of the client
  • Covered major locations for the client with good mix of all four product categories
  • Apart from the desired results, field staff was also able to convert few sellers for co-branding

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management