Channelplay Case Study

Seller Acquisition For An Online Marketplace


The client had developed an online market place which allowed sellers to setup online presence in a simplified and hassle-free manner. The application gained significant traction in the metros but the client was facing difficulty in further penetration. This is when the client partnered with Channelplay with objective of penetrating tier I and tier II cities by on-boarding the sellers across selected categories.


The key activities during execution involved:-

  • Manpower hiring and on-boarding - We hired project management personnel from sales background and setup state-wise teams to have a focused approach in each market. We also implemented online training programs to automate learning process and save time.
  • Ensuring quality of sellers - We drove teams with real-time reporting. Approval or rejection of the sellers was done within 2 hours with visibility to each stakeholder and immediate correction was done wherever there were deviations.
  • Attrition control - Adequately trained helpdesk was setup to help FOSs (Feet-on-Street) with any product or market related query, which resulted in better individual performance and employee satisfaction.


The seller acquisition drive was a success. With a dedicated team of FOS, we helped the client quickly penetrate tier I and tier II cities. Key highlights:-

  • Exponential month on month growth recorded in seller acquisition
  • Covered 20+ cities in three months from the start of the project
  • On-ground team size of 40+ members delivered the expected results

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management