Channelplay Case Study

Service Center Mystery Shopping for a Leading Smartphone Brand

The client operates service centers for smartphone repair and wanted to ensure process compliance across all its centers Pan India. The client wanted Channelplay to conduct mystery shopping to identify whether the service centers are following the standards set by the brand and staff service levels. The evaluation parameters were as under: 

  • Environment & Infrastructure– Overall Hygiene and upkeep of the center
  • Process compliance for repairing devices – Check and report for service denials, charges levied  for “In warranty” repair cases
  • Staff Grooming & Service levels


  • The client provided defective handsets to Channelplay
  • Comprehensive training to auditors to handle all queries
  • Auditors visited the service center with defective handsets for free-of-charge repair
  • The entire service center experience was supported with pictures and audio proofs


These audit results provided the client with insights on individual service center level highlighting non-compliance on integral service elements. The results also defined priority in terms of which aspects, regions and cities to be first actioned upon.

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits