Channelplay Case Study

Proline Signs up Channelplay as their Market Research Agency

Proline, an Indian sport wear brand incorporated in 1983 wanted to venture into footwear retailing and hence intended to conduct geographical research to identify feasible locations for their exclusive showrooms.


The research was conducted across 6 cities (pre-defined by Proline) to capture both demand & supply side metrics along with location analysis as follows:

  1. Catchment: In-depth study of the shortlisted market based on:
    • Footfall
    • Market structure - Organized Vs unorganized
    • Brands present
    • Presence of youth-oriented places
    • Accessibility to the market - distance from city center
  2. Competition: Capturing store/showroom profile, operational details along with product assortment of related & relevant brands available in the market
  3. Consumer: Conducting consumer surveys to gather the following information:
    • Consumer profile & lifestyle
    • Footwear profile & buying behavior
    • Brand Awareness, usage & satisfaction
    • Media consumption


The research insights helped Channelplay’s provide strategic recommendations on the following elements:

  • Demand sizing for each city
  • Brand preference
  • Offline channel preference for footwear purchase
  • Top buying considerations of consumers
  • Footwear brands’ penetration & annual sales
  • Comparison of all feasible market locations based on various catchment & competition parameters studied along with market’s opinion from city residents & market retailers
  • Cities’ comparison basis demand & supply side metrics
  • Awareness of Proline and acceptability for their retail proposition

Topics: Market Research