Channelplay Case Study

Technician Incentive Program For An Air Conditioner Brand

Client deals with direct technicians who recommend and generate orders for industrial air conditioners. Providing them a transparent incentive program through business linked rewards was the goal. The entire communication revolved around the products to reinforce product knowledge. Superior design and reward delivery in short time frame were primary delighters.


The key activities in project execution involved:

  • Designing of the program to instantly grab the attention of the target group
  • Driving the program and product by constant communication with key influencers
  • Running an efficient grievance handling desk providing multi-lingual support


The program was successful in meeting its objective and the key highlights were as follows:

  • Client engaged with key influencers in a much superior way compared to legacy incentive programs
  • Influencers could target specific rewards and drive business to achieve them

Topics: Loyalty Programs