Channelplay Case Study

Training Operations Management For A Technology Multinational


Client has a pool of ISD/promoters who need to be trained regularly on products and various aspects of selling. They also have a pool of trainers whose job is to provide the trainings to these people. They were looking for a partner who could facilitate the training operations for them. The partner’s responsibility areas included entire venue management, gift management and logistics management. The participants were required to travel from Tier-2 to Tier-1 and to Metros for trainings. Their accommodation was also the responsibility of Channelplay.


This project was one of the complicated ones to be executed since it involved handling multiple people at a given time and in a short duration. To ensure it was executed to perfection, we did the following:

  • A deliverable document clearly highlighting the POE's (Proofs of Execution) was created and signed-off with the client to ensure that we were on same page.
  • A dedicated team was setup at the HO and key locations.
  • A docket containing the process note along with the execution script and the desired formats was created.
  • Trainings followed by mock drills were conducted.
  • For every event reporting was done at morning, afternoon and evening to ensure an error proof execution.
  • Feedback was taken on the quality of delivery of the event in order to identify any gaps.


Through rigorous planning and a dedicated team we were able to meet the client’s expectations. We successfully met the various terms defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which included:

  • Ticket provision to the participants at least 24 hours before the event
  • Accommodation confirmation at least 24 hours before the event
  • Venue confirmations at least 5 days before the event
  • Zero escalations from venues
  • No escalations from the trainers

Channelplay team not only met these SLA terms but was able to delight the customer on some of them as well.

Topics: Field Force Training