Channelplay Case Study

Vendor Acquisition For A Wedding Services Portal


The client is an online wedding aggregator/consulting service with an automated platform to search, compare and book wedding services online. It had partnered with Channelplay with the objective of engaging with 3-star and below wedding venues and hotels.  The task at hand involved educating the wedding and banquet halls about the client’s platform, enrolling them with the client and helping them in going live on the portal.


The key tasks carried out during project execution were as follows:

  • Manpower hiring and on-boarding - We hired project personnel having experience in corporate or event sales and they were trained extensively on the value proposition, process implementation and reporting.
  • Quality assurance and data validation - Real time reporting and tracking of the team was carried out using our in-house field sales management app - 1Channel. Dedicated tele-callers were deployed to check the category of the registered halls and to ensure their validation and verification.
  • Reporting - Daily submission of the sales status, all the requisite contracts, data points and photographs was carried out by the sales team.


The program reaped good results for the client along with useful insights. Key highlights were:

  • On-field staff of 15 people delivered results in 5 different cities
  • Good quality vendors acquired in metro cities despite initial resistance from them in going online
  • Consistent growth recorded in venue acquisition with one city being saturated within 2 months of operation
95% data accuracy was achieved and almost all sellers sampled in quality check were aware of client’s proposition and contract terms

Topics: Sales Staffing & Management