Channelplay Case Study

Visibility Audit for a Payment Services Brand


The client provides the nation’s most comprehensive service suite for new ATM deployment, management of existing ATM networks and service enablement through technology solutions. The objective was to evaluate the existing ATM sites and therefore visibility audits were conducted.


The program had its own unique set of challenges including :

  • Training the auditors to click multiple pictures from specified angles.
  • Capturing the customers visiting the ATM.

The approach adopted to overcome the challenges were as follows:

  • The training document was designed so as to incorporate various photographs to be clicked, capturing the view from different angles.
  • Auditors were asked to wait outside the ATM for some time so as to observe the number of customers visiting the ATM.


Through this program, the client gained valuable insights about the ATM site and a report containing the customer foot-fall and multiple angle views of the ATM site as well as the adjacent areas was shared with the client. This helped the client in understanding the visibility of the area and take desired action.

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits