Channelplay Case Study

Visual Merchandising For A Footwear Brand


The key objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Production of PoSM as per provided guidelines
  • Sourcing of visual merchandisers along with their training
  • PJP based PoSM deployment adhering to brand guidelines
  • Warehouse and logistics management
  • Auditing the brand visibility in retail outlets
  • IT system development for automatized reporting, project management & communication


Major activities in project execution were as follows:

  • Production of different types of PoSM and their delivery to local hubs
  • Hiring, training and on-boarding of visual merchandisers
  • PJP planning at remote and upcountry areas
  • Material pickup from local hubs
  • Deployment of technology platforms for PJP planning, PoSM deployment, PoSM optimization, PoSM allocation and outlet enrolment with fully functioning resources
  • Managing end to end accountability for the different PoSM deployments in markets across India


The project was successfully executed and key highlights were as follows:

  • Best in class deployment of PoSM in retail outlets
  • Improvement in brand display audit scores
  • Effective supply chain management of PoSM across geography
  • Increased partner interest levels
  • Improved consumer awareness about product line
  • Periodic replenishment of PoSM

Topics: Visual Merchandising & Signage