Channelplay Case Study

Voice Of Sellers For A Major Online Marketplace


Our client wanted feedback from its sellers on key business matrices including business processes, payment terms, ease of communication, rate of recommendation and much more. The key matrices were decided in agreement with the client and competitor benchmarking on various parameters was also incorporated in the study.


The various challenges that came in performing the research were:

  • Shortlisting of sellers maintaining adequate turnover split as well as representation from multiple business segments
  • Scheduling appointment with sellers
  • Many sellers didn't use to complete the survey in one go or left it incomplete, resulting in multiple interactions with one seller


The client got relevant insights against its most relevant competition about the following:

  • Seller demographics
  • Seller presence vs. competition across multiple business segments
  • Overall selling process
  • Service processes
  • Rate of recommendation

As business dynamics change every day, the client gets this study conducted every quarter.

Topics: Market Research