Channelplay Case Study

Warehouse Stock Audit For An IT Brand


The client wanted to evaluate the inventory management by its partners across India. To do so Channelplay conducted stock audits across all the specified warehouses on the same day, checking if the inventory levels were as per the master stock report and validating any variance that was observed in the audit.


Key activities in project execution involved:

  • Profiling and sourcing of seasoned auditors confident to carry out large volume stock audits
  • Auditor training on audit process and flow of activities to ensure fool proof stock evaluation
  • Visit planning as per the dates and time frames provided by the client
  • Visit validation and report validation with appropriate photographic and document proofs

Some of the challenges that we faced were:

  • Conducting all the audits on the same day within the specific time frames
  • Processing and validating large number of photographic and document proofs within short time span


Physical stock count was done at designated warehouses across all the target cities on the same day.

  • All warehouses were evaluated on the stock availability across all categories.
  • The audit captured the individual model number and location wise count of the inventory lying in the warehouses.
  • The actual stock count was compared with the system generated stock report and any variation was recorded in the report.
  • The report also captured the reason for the variation as given by the warehouse partner.

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits