Glossary of Terms

What is a Trade Loyalty Program?

Trade Loyalty Program is a long term (minimum of one year) program for trade partners with structured incentive plan to provide additional monetary benefit to the trade partners. It is mostly extended only to the biggest trade partners and rewards business growth and association over long periods of time. Through the platform of a loyalty program, lot of benefits are offered to high value and loyal trade partners.
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Who is an Influencer?

An Influencer is an individual or an entity who can influence a consumer’s purchase decision by making a recommendation without being involved anywhere in the actual transaction. Some influencers are opinion leaders and ambassadors of the brand as well. But in many sectors, influencers can be of other forms.
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What is a Trade Scheme?

The normal terms of trade is that every trade partner in the chain(Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, etc) make a certain pre defined margin on each product they make. This margin is the gross profit of the trade partner. Trade scheme is an additional monetary benefit that is given to the trade partners. This additional margin is usually structured around a time period which can range from a few days to an year. A few forms a trade scheme might take are as follows.
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