What are Visibility Audits?

Retail stores are supposed to follow certain standards of cleanliness, layout & product displays. In terms of visual merchandising too, brands budget a significant spend planning various Point of Purchase material e.g. fixtures, wall branding, posters etc. so that the stores convey a standard look and visually convey the message of the brand.

With stores located across India, brands find it increasingly difficult to ensure that the stores are being appropriately maintained as per the visibility benchmarks set by the brand.  While this is assessed by the brand's sales team that is on field, sometimes the management wants an outside view to assess the brand's visibility, either from a customer or brand guideline stand point.  This is done by conducting Visibility Audits.  

Visibility Audits essentially evaluate retail stores against a standard set of guidelines that relate to the visibility of the brand keeping in view hygiene and branding parameters at a retail store.   

Visibility Audits can be done at exclusive as well as multi-brand outlets. Depending on the same, the parameters evaluated may vary given that the standards set for both the environments may be different.  

The typical parameters measured during Visibility Audits are:

  • External branding;
  • Internal branding;
  • Furniture & Fixtures;
  • Demo Devices; and
  • Grooming standards of staff.   

Visibility Audits help brands determine the effectiveness of the marketing spend at the retail outlets and can help brands drive actions on field with respect to customer experience from a brand visibility stand point. 

Topics: Mystery Shopping & Audits, Visual Merchandising & Signage

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