Ways To Control Cost Of Sales In An Existing In-Store Sales Executive Program – Part 1

In today’s competitive business environment organizations are striving to increase their revenues with reduced Cost of Sales. Cost of Sales can be impacted by various parameters – one of the major contributors to Cost of Sales is cost incurred while running an In-Store Sales Executive Program. Within an In-Store Sales Executive program the main contributor of cost is salary of the Sales Executive. Thus it is important to offset this cost by extracting optimum productivity from the Sales Executives. Primarily this can be achieved by placing right Sales Executive in right store to realize the true potential of the store.

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How to Drive Participation in Trade Loyalty Programs through Targeted Communication

Broadly there are two different kinds of Trade Loyalty Programs in terms of processes. One kind is where the transaction data is tracked through an ERP system or equivalent. In this kind, there is no further activity required from the user apart from doing the transaction.

The second kind of programs are those where the user needs to record their purchases to earn points. The user trigger is the first step of these loyalty programs and it becomes very important to drive that as without interest from the users the program becomes dormant very quickly.

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How to Shortlist Your SFA Partner?

If you are contemplating buying an SFA solution to automate your sales operations, sooner or later you’ll face the dilemma of ‘Whom should I go with?’. With the wave of digitization picking up globally, more and more players are entering the SFA space. How then, do you arrive at the right provider?

The first and foremost thing for you to do is a ‘needs analysis’? Have an understanding of why you need an SFA solution, what is it that you would like to achieve. It is okay to not have the perfect answers, but it is important to have a broad picture keeping long term business objectives in mind.

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Essentials of conducting Restaurant Kitchen Operational Audits

A large proportion of population loves eating out. They love the food and almost visits some restaurant every week. But what if one day you come to know that your favorite restaurant kitchen does not have a pest control certification or uses stale ingredients etc.

With restaurants comes restaurant aggregators like Zomato, Dineout and EazyDiner which lists prominent restaurants as well as customer reviews and feedback about them. Bad reviews dampen the image of a restaurant and does not usually end up becoming a likely choice of customers.

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How to Improve Effectiveness of In-Store Communications?

It is a method for retailers to communicate about the products, schemes, services or any other important information about the brand or store to their prospective consumers who walks-in to their stores. Think of POS, scheme related to POSM elements or any other forms of communication. Currently, there are many ways to deploy in store communications. There are traditional methods such as deployment & refurbishment of point of sales material which talks about services/offers/products, exclusive fixture installations which indirectly influence customer attraction etc. or there are modern ways of communication such as experiential marketing techniques, virtual demo of products in store, live demo of products, using augmented reality to showcase features of products & services, 3D holographic displays & advertisements etc. Despite, having too many methods to use in store communications as a way to increase impulse buying & improved consumer awareness, we need to understand the best & effective ways to improve on in-store communications too. Let’s talk about how to improve the effective in store communications:

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