SFA Implementation Health Check - Doing it the Right Way

An SFA implementation is a two way street. Its success requires the commitment of both the client and the solution provider. The right solution provider will not just sell the solution but take meaningful steps to ensure success of implementation. In a recent post, we wrote about selecting the right SFA partner. Training, on-boarding and initial hand-holding are the common norms of an SFA implementation. Beyond that, one of the things that a good SFA partner does for its partner client is regular monitoring of the health of implementation.

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Measuring Effectiveness of PoSM Installation in Retail

Traditional but largely accepted method of POSM execution is through store to store visits by field executives (often called as Visual Merchandisers or VMs) wherein they deploy the POSMs in stores & capture the reports through online applications. This method is widely used in all sectors be it telecom, retail, IT, FMCG, or automobile industries. However, it comes with a huge burden of cost to the company. 85% of the total expenses related to manpower staffing of these VMs are related to there salaries & reimbursements. Thus, optimising VM productivity & visit effectiveness is the ultimate goal for the companies to gain maximum return on investments.

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Team Leader Role in Managing ISDs - Going Beyond Targets

Team Leader is one of the important roles in a robust sales organisational structure. Performance of Team Leader plays a significant role in success of sales program. Though driving sales number is the end objective of the Team Leaders but they have a larger role to play in creating an efficient ecosystem to drive these sales numbers.

 Let’s look at the important activities which can directly be influenced by Team Leaders and act as enablers in creating an efficient ecosystem:

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Ways To Control Cost of Sales In An Existing In-Store Sales Executive Program – Part 2

In my previous insight article, I have discussed creating an evaluation metrics for In-Store Sales Executives to offset the cost of salary of these Sales Executive by allocating right stores to realise the true potential of the stores thus keeping Cost of Sales in check.

Now let’s look at few more important process improvements which can directly contribute to controlled Cost of Sales.

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5 Major Trends in Loyalty Rewards

Rewards that are given out in Loyalty Programs are the biggest perception drivers for any program. The success of loyalty programs is dependent on the choice of the rewards more than any other factor. As part of running loyalty programs for our clients we process rewards in huge scale and thus have a ringside view of trends in what rewards people are going for, given the choice. In this post we cover 5 major trends that we have observed over the past few years of running these programs for our clients.

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