Importance of Real-Time Monitoring App in VM Execution

You have been managing a team of 500 + Visual merchandisers across different geographies who visits metros, tier 2 towns & rural areas as well. Biggest challenges which brand managers face are:

  1. Uncertainty of data for reporting
  2. Authenticity of the information passed on to management
  3. Time consumption in converting data into meaning full information
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Mystery Shopping – Measuring Product Knowledge

The real representative of any brand is the sales person interacting with the customer in the store. A sales person is ultimately responsible for showcasing and demonstrating the product and convincing the customer of the its features and their benefits.

Now imagine a scenario where the sales person himself is unaware of the product’s features and utility. Any potential customer would like to know the specifications, function or purpose of the product before considering purchase. With the sales person being unable to provide the answers, the prospect will quickly lose interest in the product and ultimately will lose confidence in the brand.

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Call to Action using Mystery Shopping Software

For an organization engaging in a mystery shopping activity the real action starts once the reports start pouring in after the shoppers have conducted their assessments. Mystery shoppers with adequate training, expertise and experience tend to uncover flaws and malpractices which would not be noticed by an untrained eye.

Now the concerned organization has the responsibility of acting on the findings and correcting the flaws highlighted in the reports.

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Integration of Loyalty Program into the Sales Call

In many industries, Trade Loyalty Programs have been functional for years now and their execution is more or less taken for granted. Programs are launched, announced and executed almost on an autopilot mode. But there is one very important action that many companies fail to take which can have the most impact on the success of the program. It is integrating the program into the Sales Call being made by the Salesman to collect orders from the outlets.

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Usability and Aesthetics of a Mystery Shopping Portal

 ‘First impression is the last impression’. The adage is as true for a website as it is for a human being. Whenever a visitor chances upon your site, it is the aesthetics of the website which create a first impression in the visitors mind cementing perception of site credibility and usability often within the first 3 seconds.

Making a good impression is specially critical for a mystery shopping software as it needs to look aesthetically appealing as well be perceived easy to use and navigate. Most mystery shopping platforms tend to ignore this aspect of their software and lay emphasis on just their usability spheres, which leads to portals that are unappealing to the eye and are anyways perceived difficult and unfriendly to work and navigate.

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