Data Management Practices for a Mystery Shopping Software

Conducting mystery shopping means that there will always be incoming data in the form of responses, text and multimedia. Since most of the software’s are hosted on a central server and based on SaaS model, it is critical to have the best data management practices in place so there is minimal or no delay in fetching and presenting data and reports to project managers and clients.

Let’s understand a bit more about SaaS and why we need to manage data for a better experience.

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Mystery Shopping Software Best Practices for Shopper Management

In mystery audits, going through the requirements, scenarios and the mandatory proofs that need to be collected in an audit is quite a task in itself, add to it the pressure of remembering it all and reproducing it in real life.  As a mystery shopper they are already conscious to their surroundings, on top of that if they happen to meddle up their scenarios and miss capturing some mandatory proofs, they might have the report returned back to them, worst case scenario, their report gets rejected and they are not paid for their efforts. The mystery shopping management software should be capable enough to handle such scenarios and provide an interface where the mystery shopper can view the training material before doing the audit and also get themselves certified. Below mentioned are the points which help the project users in selecting an ideal shopper for the assignment.

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5 Characteristics of a Productive Mystery Shopping Dashboard

Retail scenarios have evolved into many formats and types and representing data meaningfully for each of them has become a challenge. A dashboard is as useful as the data it displays and if it able to do so meaningfully. Below listed are 5 characteristics a productive mystery shopping dashboard should possess.  

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4 Things to Remember When Selecting Rewards for a Loyalty Program

The biggest make-or-break parameter of any campaign is the perception of the rewards. Not selecting proper rewards will be a sufficient condition for the failure of any program. The following are a few pointers that should be kept in mind while selecting the rewards that go with any campaign. They are listed in the order of importance with the first being the most important.

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Mystery Shopping Mobile App Essentials

A good mystery shopping app is a very crucial weapon in the arsenal of any mystery shopper worth his or her salt. They use and rely on the app for capturing mandatory proofs and reporting. It becomes very essential that the app also supports the users with its features and capabilities. Here we have listed some features which are must haves for any modern mystery shopping app.

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