Addressing Data Security Concerns While Selecting Cloud-based Sales Force Automation Solution

When you decide to implement a software solution in your organization, one of the biggest challenge that you face is ensuring your data will remain safe, secured and compliant as per company or government policies. A lot of time and energy of many people, including that of senior stakeholders, is spent on addressing those concerns and mitigating the associated risks. And the same holds true when you are planning to roll out a Sales Force Automation solution as it captures valuable information such as market penetration, beats, sales data, customer credit history, marketing campaigns, new launches etc. While an exercise to evaluate those security aspects can be a mammoth and endless task, we have tried to list down some fundamental and important parameters which you should check for a quick but full-proof evaluation of data security and confidentiality measures implemented by your shortlisted SFA vendors.

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4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Employee Loyalty Programs for In-Store Promoters

Running an In-Store Promoter Program is one of the most effective but at the same time most challenging aspects of Sales management. Having a knowledgeable and motivated in store promoter can go a long way in amplifying the sales from an outlet but in the competitive world of In-store promoters it is important to get innovative to drive retention and motivation.

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The Importance of Store Planograms

Malls & high walk-in places are generally considered as high revenue markets. Thus, every brand incurs a good amount of available budget on marketing spends on these market places. Despite, all these efforts, improving customer time spend in outlets is a challenge which is directly proportional to increase in sales per walk-in.

There are few basics activities which all retailers should do such as store hygiene, ambience, look & feel, colour theme, lightings etc. However, one thing which they sometime miss is maintaining store planograms. Before discussing on how a planogram can be made we need to understand what is its importance?

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Basics of Focus Group Participant Selection

One of the integral elements in defining success of a focus group is careful recruitment of participants. The researcher needs to ensure that certain people are kept out of the group.

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Assessing Manpower Integrity through Mystery Shopping

“In looking for people to hire, look for 3 qualities: Integrity, Intelligence & Energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” - Warren Buffet

Mystery Shopping can be very well utilized to anonymously evaluate Staff integrity through trained shoppers. Several retail segments like Automobile, Consumer Electronics, Hotels & Restaurants etc. use Mystery shopping to identify the loopholes in their system and avoid the consequences.

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