Revamp Your Recruitment Process For Your Sales Force

One of the most important representation of any brand is the Promoter, who is the last mile face for the brand & can make or break customers for the brand. Therefore, it is important to have a robust recruitment process in place to get the right workforce for the brand.

It is often seen that promoter recruitment process is not as robust as it ought to be. “Couple of rounds of interviews” is set as a process to select these bunch of so important people. In absence of proper standardization even the interviews are also very subjective and person dependent.

Basic assessment test for screening candidates is rarely seen as a practice across the industry.

Also in most cases recruitment process is not system enabled and evaluation history of the promoter is scattered. This data is very important and useful as it can be linked to performance of the Promoter and retrospectively the skill-sets required to do the job well can be established.

Now let’s see the improvements which can be incorporated to make the recruitment process more effective by bridging the gaps.

  • Assessment Test

A 60 to 80-minutes test covering different sections like basic aptitude, behavioral, data interpretation, communication is considered standard but can be modulated basis requirement of the brand. This test & cut-offs can be customized basis the requirement of the Brand.

There are several assessment companies available in market for providing assessment test services. An online test is preferred over a class room test because of the logistical & cost advantages. Web-cam should be made compulsory while taking the test to further full proof the process.

  • Training & Certifying Interviewers

All brands will have priorities set in terms of kind of Promoter they want them to represent. So it is important to first define these parameters and map them against parameters which can be objectively measured. A comprehensive training module should be prepared around these recruitment parameters to train all the interviewers.

Interviewers should be trained in workshop environment on the recruitment module and should be certified as a “Trained Interviewer” basis the post training evaluation.

This will help control the quality of Promoters getting recruited and create seamless customer experience across stores along with good business.

  • Recruitment System

The entire process of recruitment should be electronically driven so that any data related to recruitment can be tracked at any point of time. The system should be such that all the steps right from assessment test status till selection status of the candidate should be captured. This data can be used to further streamline the assessment and interview process by nailing down the correlation between test scores and performance of the Promoter

There are other important factors which directly impact a Sales Force Program and I will be discussing more in my next article.

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