4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Employee Loyalty Programs

Running an In-Store Promoter Program is one of the most effective but at the same time most challenging aspects of Sales management. Having a knowledgeable and motivated in store promoter can go a long way in amplifying the sales from an outlet but in the competitive world of In-store promoters it is important to get innovative to drive retention and motivation.

But in-Store Promoter Loyalty Programs are a different beast as compared to other trade or consumer programs. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while designing such programs so that they are successful.

· Elaborate Points Structure

Brands can exercise much higher control over promoters as compared to what they can over trade partners. This opens up a few more options when it comes to program design. Parameters like product knowledge, attendance, process compliance, KPI performance, etc can be included in the points structure. There is also no burning need for simplifying the points structure as much as possible as the promoters are invested to a greater degree in the program.

· Controlled Redemption Cycles

In usual trade or consumer programs, there is no restriction on the redemption window and participants can redeem their rewards as and when they want to. But in promoter programs, it is recommended to have an annual redemption cycle as that would be an important hook to retain the promoters. Another option is to have a delay between earning points and using them so there is always some accrued points which will lapse when the promoter decides to quit.

· Appropriate Reward Catalogue

Selecting appropriate rewards by keeping the socio-economic demographics of the participants in any loyalty program is one of the key aspects of program design. Specific rewards for promoters should include company products, good mobile phones/laptops or any other products which might help them out in their jobs. Automobiles, specifically motorcycles, also are disproportionately attractive to this group. By making sure to include these rewards in the catalogue, a huge component of motivation is taken care of.

· Recognition Along With Rewards

As their performance in this program is directly proportional to their professional success, redeeming high end rewards in this program becomes a matter of pride. It is important to tie it with some recognition activity as well. A simple mailer with interview of the big winners or an event where they are felicitated can go a long way in enhancing the entire rewards experience.

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