5 Best Practices of Running Help Desks for Loyalty Programs

Helpdesks are the primary touch points and single most important factor in ensuring a good customer experience. Unfortunately due to the nature of their work, the appreciation received by helpdesks is fairly minimal while their errors tend to get hugely magnified. In this respect, they are like umpires in a Cricket match. No one would even notice an umpire who gives right decisions but one howler can end careers (Ask Steve Bucknor).

Due to this and other concerns, running smooth helpdesk operations can be very difficult. The following are a few best practices that we deploy to ensure smooth functioning.

· Robust CRM System

The contribution made by a good technology solution to the smooth operations of a helpdesk is invaluable. A robust CRM system can essentially eliminate the overhead tasks of a helpdesk executive so that he/she can focus solely on the primary job at hand which is interacting with the customers. Executives should have all the required information on their fingertips when they are receiving or making the calls. A good system would also enable the managers to assign tasks to the executives for outbound calling which can be tracked. As the famous maxim goes, “What gets measured, gets done.” And a good CRM system should enable you to measure all the key metrics of helpdesk executives.

· Recording of Calls

A system which enables you to record and retrieve the conversations between executives and customers can act as a very important check on the work being done. It is also invaluable as a dispute redressal mechanism in case of consumer complaints.

· Local language capabilities

Nothing enables executives to connect to customers than speaking in their own language. This is especially true when running trade programs for the General Trade network in our country. Having executives who can speak regional languages, specifically South Indian and Bengali languages can go a long way in delivering superior customer experience. But one cant deploy resources speaking all languages for all programs. The way to handle this is ensuring that the overall helpdesk staff is equipped with the language skills and the work can be divided accordingly as and when required.

· Positive workplace atmosphere

Due to the ungrateful and monotonic nature of the job, helpdesk executives tend to be among the most dissatisfied employees. This tends to spill over into their interactions with the customers which can lead to lot of needless friction. The solution for this is to treat the executives with empathy and ensuring that they trust the management to have their back and not treat them as replaceable resources. We strive to have a cooperative and positive work culture which enables the executives to perform well in their jobs.

· Superior Recruitment practices

Ask any company which runs tele-calling operations for their biggest headaches and recruitment issues will surely top the list. Screening candidates for the required skills and finding hard working and skilled people is tough. These roles witness high amount of churn and it is very important to have the ability to find and hire good resources continuously. Thanks to Channelplay’s expertise in many other verticals where recruitment is the key we have built highly capable recruitment network and operations. This helps us in expanding our operations with great ease.

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