5 Characteristics of a Productive Mystery Shopping Dashboard

Retail scenarios have evolved into many formats and types and representing data meaningfully for each of them has become a challenge. A dashboard is as useful as the data it displays and if it able to do so meaningfully. Below listed are 5 characteristics a productive mystery shopping dashboard should possess.  

  • Integrated Visibility

Dashboards are important for the clients as they help them to gain complete insight on their operations and decide on the action items. A complicating factor is that most dashboards have multiple audiences. In fact, delivering the same dashboard across an entire organization has a potential benefit of getting everyone on the same page. However, a diverse audience is hard to serve well. Therefore, try to prioritize the audiences so conflicts can be more easily handled. A purpose filled dashboard can serve many purposes like it can help the clients to understand about the attention areas, help the clients gain complete visibility on what measures needs to be taken and how they can improve the customer experience in their outlets.

  •  Real Time Data Analytics

The client dashboard should act as a platform through which the client has access to live reporting. It enables the client to gain complete insight on the operational efficiencies and progress of the project. Real time tracking ensures that any problems are taken care of as soon as they arise.

  • Deep-dive Analysis

A productive mystery shopping dashboard should enable viewing of store level reports which lets the client deep dive into the reports submitted by the auditor. The reports should help the client identify the performance of outlets on different parameters defined in the questionnaire. By doing a depth analysis the client can identify the low performing areas/attention areas in which improvement is required.

  • Actionable Reports

 Actionable reports are cumulative presentation of the responses and proofs collected during an audit. Through the reports client will get access to the graphical representations of the overall score obtained by an outlet, overview of scores achieved in each of the sections. Through the actionable reports the client will gain insight about the attention areas which will help them in understanding the gaps and the improvement areas.

  • Section and Question-wise Trends

In the mystery shopping reports it is important for the client to view a detailed section and question level analysis at the store level. Section and question wise trend will help the client to gain insight on the performance of each outlet in different sections and questions in each campaign. The client can deep dive into the specifics and it provides the client with the store level insights. This in turn will help them to deliver true value by data backed decisions.

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