6 Must-Have Features for Mystery Shopping Software

Mystery shopping companies find it difficult to monitor ongoing projects, track deadlines, appraise the stakeholders about the project progress, find suitable person for the job and face many more problems. To manage the mystery shopping operations and to tackle these problems a mystery shopping company should have a mystery shopping management software.

A mystery shopping management software helps the organizations to manage and monitor their mystery shopping operations, for end to end management of audit programs enabling real time data collection, analysis & presentation of findings.

  • Advanced Analytics

Mystery shopping organizations conducts mystery audits and once the audit has been completed, the findings and analysis should be logically presented to their clients which helps the clients to gain complete visibility on the operational efficiencies and customer service levels Hence a mystery shopping management software should be capable enough to provide these organizations with the findings and analysis in form of excellence reports and dashboards. These reports should contain section-wise responses, proofs collected by the shopper and overall score of the shop. This enables the onlooker to get an overview as well as deep dive to question level in case there is such a requirement.

A mystery shopping management software should have the capability to back the reports with customized and interactive dashboards. It should allow its users to customize reports and dashboards on the fly, include captivating graphs in their presentations and create value adding infographics to present to appropriate stakeholders.

  • Project Management

This extends to project management where you can track overall and individual project progress, track timelines and set targets for executives to fulfill. Automatic generated reports to appraise the stakeholders about project progress and project execution timelines. Hence a mystery shopping software should be one with complete package of features which will help the organization to grow as a mystery shopping company.

  • Shopper Training & Evaluation

Integrating with itself an LMS where the shoppers can be trained on a particular audit through online courses and then appropriate certifications taken. The shoppers scoring the highest in these certifications automatically become the preferred candidates to perform the said audits. Some jobs are difficult to perform and for that you need well trained shoppers. Through an LMS you can provide appropriate training material to the shoppers and certify them.

  • Shopper Quality History

It is often a bone of contention if the shopper to whom the shop is being assigned is the right individual for the job or not. A mystery shopping management software should help the organizations to get over this issue by providing the past records of the shopper like the ratings achieved in the previous assignments.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

Mystery shopping management software should be one which is enabled on both mobile and desktop and should contain numerous nifty features viz. geo tagging, offline access, bar code scanner etc. to help both the mystery shopping organizations and the shoppers on field. These features integrate to become the best in class mystery shopping app with extended features so the shoppers do not need to switch to any other app to record scenarios or fill reports.


  • Multimedia & Location Enabled

A mystery shopping management software should have multimedia capabilities which means that the shoppers can collect pictures and audio proofs required and of any alternate scenarios they encounter. The proofs can be directly uploaded to the respective reports through the app or portal.


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