Automated Communication Platform To Engage With Loyalty Program Member

The most key aspect of running a loyalty program is handling the communication that is to be done to the participants of the program. Almost all the loyalty programs handled by anybody right now rely on manual file creations and uploads to drive the communication. Automating such communication can improve the efficiency of the program by leaps and bounds apart from providing flexibility in designing better and more targeted communication.

We have recently launched 1Reach, our in-house built customer engagement platform, which automates the communication and have implemented it in our projects to great results. The main features of the platform are as follows.

  • Multiple Communication Channels

The platform lets the user choose from various inbuilt channels to send notifications to loyalty program participants based on their profile. Users can opt from Email, SMS or WhatsApp adapters to quickly configure and send detailed transaction statements, OTP, reminders or digital content to your customers and stay on top of their minds.

  • Customized Templates

Users can create professional templates and content for each message sent to loyalty program participants by picking data from relevant fields from the WYSISYG editor. Business rules can be defined on custom templates from an easy to use UI to schedule notifications based on date and time or assign trigger points to automatically send messages to members on their favorite festivals, personal commemorations or to share detailed account related transaction messages.

  • Data Analytics and Dashboards

Users can mine the data residing in 1Reach application through in-depth reports and dashboards. Users can also track sales activities with a bird’s eye view or drill-down into the data based on market clusters or brand wise sales utilizing charts, graphs and other numerous data visualization tools. Breakdown and analyze each transaction without boundaries as you go deeper gaining valuable insights on sales trends to better the customer engagement.

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