Benefits Of Outsourcing Management Of Loyalty Rewards

Running Rewards programs for customers or trade partners is an oft used tool for many industries. But many companies still struggle with the decision of whether to manage such campaigns in-house or to hire an external agency with subject matter expertise. In this post we look at some critical benefits offered by agencies like us in handling these programs.

· Better price

The most valued benefit brought to the table by us would be better price. Agencies like us would at any point of time be handling 1000s of redemptions for multiple programs. This would lead to us developing better relationships with suppliers and higher bargaining power. There is very little chance of a company looking for rewards once a year would manage to get a better price than an agency managing rewards at much higher scale all year round. While this is the most valued benefit, the other benefits listed here determine the success of failure of the program much more than price.

· Technology usage

We at Channelplay pride ourselves in having the best technological tools to handle this kind of campaigns than anybody else. Having a firm CRM backbone matched with our superior dashboards made on QlikSense platform would generate a lot of efficiencies leading to better tracking and experience. Excel file based systems can only be utilised up to a certain scale. They will never match the utility of deploying technological solutions for specific use cases.

· In tune with the market

Selecting Rewards is a deceptively difficult task best left to experts who handle such programs on large scale. We have vast insights on what kind of products are in demand and what products are out of fashion. Having more desirable products as rewards in a campaign is highly important and only someone who handles this kind of campaigns on regular basis would know the trends of reward choices.

· Firm logistics experience

The biggest pain point for managing these programs is handling the logistics of the rewards. Dealing with multiple courier partners and ensuring reward deliveries to hundreds would be a recipe for disaster in the hands of people with no experience. It is better to leave this to experts who handle this for many other clients as well.

· Superior customer care

Having a helpdesk where the reward winners can check the status or lodge grievances is a must in handling these programs. Handling them in-house would either mean having no channel to do this or a heavily compromised channel and very high load on the managers running them. It is better to back the programs with well functioning helpdesks manned by trained and experienced callers. It goes a long way in providing a superior experience to winners.

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