Controlling Early Attrition of Frontline Sales Executives

In most cases it is an important decision for any professional to change jobs and same applies to the frontline Sales Executives as well. Ever wondered why these Sales Executives join for couple of days and leave, even after going through the time consuming and risky processes of giving multiple rounds of interviews and leaving their current jobs! I think this is a very important subject for organisation to evaluate. One of the key improvement areas to address this early attrition issue is to have a robust and structured process of joining for the field team.

 A robust and structured process for the Sales Executives can help the new joiners to ease into the ecosystem leading to their sense of belonging, comfort in early days. Also feeling of being nurtured always helps creating a positive vibe leading to more trust & respect. Let’s look at the important activities which can be planned as a part of this Induction Program  

  • Structured introduction to the program: A structured introduction to the program should be planned to make the Sales Executives aware of – about the organisation, about the program, what’s in it for them, hierarchy, contact details of key personnel/process owners etc. A face to face introduction through a well made presentation is always a plus. In case of remote locations, it can be done over a video call, as long as it is done judiciously.
  • Mentoring program: It is important to continuously handhold the new joiners during initial period. The experienced Sales Executives within the program or Team Leader/ Trainer, in case of green field program, should be assigned the responsibilities of mentoring these new executives. Again this process needs to be structured with well defined activities, period and recognition for the mentors basis performance of the Sales Executive whom they mentor.
  • Training Program: A well defined training program with continuous interventions should be devised specifically for the new joiners. An example of the same can be – once a week intervention for initial 3 months and same should be incorporated in the beat plan of the trainer for robust monitoring purpose.
  • Capturing Feedback: Honest and timely feedback always helps in betterment of any process and program. A mechanism to capture feedback of the new joiners to be institutionalised – a tele-calling activity or a live video recording of feedback etc., which basically drives the human touch, should be incorporated within 1/2 weeks of joining.  Also within two months of joining, a call from leadership team of the organisation will also add lots of value- from creating a positive impact on the new joiners to getting feedback to drive corrective measures if any.
  • Probationary Incentive: Though the end objective is to drive sales and incentive is driven by sales achievement, it is important to build in the gestation period of 2/3 months where in certain fixed percentage of entitled incentive can be paid to the Sales Executives as a probationary incentive to keep the motivation going.
  • Welcome gift: It helps creating the feeling of being welcomed. It is small step to establish first level of care. It does not necessarily have to be costly affair.

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