Team Leader Role in Managing ISDs - Going Beyond Targets

Team Leader is one of the important roles in a robust sales organisational structure. Performance of Team Leader plays a significant role in success of sales program. Though driving sales number is the end objective of the Team Leaders but they have a larger role to play in creating an efficient ecosystem to drive these sales numbers.

 Let’s look at the important activities which can directly be influenced by Team Leaders and act as enablers in creating an efficient ecosystem:

 Sales Executive Management:

  • Availability: To check the presence of Sales Executive in the store or area depending upon the program – In-Store or Feet on Street Sales Executive Program.
  • Grooming: To check the grooming standard of the Sales Executive present – whether Sales Executive is wearing uniform defined by the brand, how well the uniform maintained, how well hair and beard is made etc.
  • Training: To check the product, scheme and operational process knowledge of the Sales Executive. Also to check sales pitch of the Sales Executive. Team Leader to train the Sales Executive post identifying the gaps.
  • Attrition Management: To keep the team of Sales Executive motivated and engaged to have minimal attrition rate.
  • Recruitment: To create a database of prospective candidates for his/her territory and use the database to recruit whenever required.
  • Issue Resolution: To resolve issues of the Sales Executives and enable them to raise issues whenever the issue is not under Team Leader’s purview.

Store/Retailer Management:

  • Counter Hygiene (wherever applicable): To check counter hygiene – whether counter condition is good or not, whether counter is placed in right way etc. If there is any gap TL to drive corrective measures as per the process.
  • Visual Merchandising - Availability and Quality: To check availability and quality of Visual Merchandising elements present in the stores. If there is any gap TL to drive corrective measures as per the process.
  • Stock Status & Placement: To check the stock status and how well the products are placed – visibility, brand guidelines etc.
  • Potential: To check potential of the store/Retailer basis walk-ins, competitors’ share etc. In case of In-Store Sales Executive program basis the Store potential deployment/removal of Sale Executive decision to be taken by the Team Leader as per the process defined.
  • Relationship with Store Manager/Owner: To maintain a cordial relationship with with store manager/owner – by addressing the issues in right spirit and time.

 Reporting & Communication:

  • Attendance, Sales & Stock: To mark attendance on daily basis and ensure team of Sales executives reporting into him/her is also complaint to reporting norms of attendance, sales & stock.
  • Beat/ Market Visit Compliance: To follow the PJP and report the compliance to PJP. And in scenario where PJP/Beat is not defined, to report the visits everyday.
  • Communication: To ensure timely communication to the team of Sales Executives – Product related, Scheme related, Process related etc.

 Thus it is of utmost importance to align Team Leader to play the bigger role and be the pillar in the sales organisation structure to drive success at an overall level.

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