Data Management Practices for a Mystery Shopping Software

Conducting mystery shopping means that there will always be incoming data in the form of responses, text and multimedia. Since most of the software’s are hosted on a central server and based on SaaS model, it is critical to have the best data management practices in place so there is minimal or no delay in fetching and presenting data and reports to project managers and clients.

Let’s understand a bit more about SaaS and why we need to manage data for a better experience.

“SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”.”

Since a single version of the application is used by all the users which is hosted on a central server and accessed by the users through thin clients, the data is populated by the various clients and eventually lands in the central server from where it is fetched as and when needed thus removing any strain from the end user system.

This data can be accessed by various clients and simultaneously be acted upon which in turn will create numerous instances of the same data. Unless cleverly managed these instances will be a nightmare for everyone involved.

Effectively handling data requires having logic in place which will take care of duplicates, resize and render multimedia, accept all formats of incoming multimedia and effectively help present these in the reports which must be presented to the end client.

For handling multimedia files a mystery shopping software should utilize tools through which the media files can be easily compressed, as uploading hundreds of media files on the server in their original size can be quite cumbersome. Any such tool should also make sure that the impact on the quality of the file is minimal. It helps the mystery shopper to attach as many media files as he/she wants to without consuming much of his/her mobile data and will also result in the reduction of the time taken to upload the report on the server. As the multimedia files shared by the mystery shoppers will help in authenticating the data shared with the clients.

Mystery shopping product hosted in a cloud environment ensures instant deployment and quick scalability. Centrally hosted application enables accelerated feature delivery and regularly executed updates. Cloud based technology ensures that the software is always ready to scale up according to new requirements. These best practices ensures enterprise level security, performance and uptime is guaranteed in the mystery shopping software.

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