How Mystery Shopping can help evaluate Patient Experience at Hospitals

Health is one of the most important as well as sensitive issue for any human being and a good experience around the same is extremely integral. Bad experience at a hospital not only affects the hospital's image but also perturb the patient's mental or physical health.

Channelplay conducts mystery audits for hospitals to evaluate patient experience, service quality and adherence to standard practices followed by the hospital staff. Following parameters are evaluated in a typical hospital experience audit:

  1. Hospital Ambience and Hygiene: Whenever we visit a hospital, a clean and properly maintained exterior and interior is a necessity & is the minimum of expectation from a place which cures illness. Upon their visit to the hospital, an auditor evaluates the following:
  • Signage: Should be clearly visible from a distance and well maintained
  • Entrance: Should be clean and obstruction free
  • Parking Space: Should be enough with different entry and exit to the parking area
  • Hygiene: Should be clean & odor-free
  • Furniture: Should be adequate, clean & in good condition
  • Temperature: Should be comfortable and all the cooling/heating appliances must be in working condition
  1. Patient Assistance: While evaluating this parameter, the following points are kept in mind:
  • Adequate counters should be open to manage patient flow
  • Time schedule of all doctors must be clearly visible
  • Front office staff must be groomed and presentable and should listen proactively to the needs of the patient and give them proper assistance
  • Staff must be patient enough to address patient queries or explain the facilities at the hospital
  • Presence of ward boy must be there to manage the patient queues and direct the patients to the consultation room
  1. Doctor’s Consultation: Doctors must be evaluated basis the following parameters:
  • Doctor must greet the patient with a warm gesture and should empathetically listen to their problems
  • Must conduct a thorough examination of the patient
  • Must inquire about any treatment history and relevant food choices / habits before suggesting prescription
  • Must explain the dosage of the prescribed medicine
  • Must inform the patient of any precautions to be taken or any food items to be avoided
  • Must suggest the treatment cycle/duration and next appointment date

Channelplay works with a bunch of healthcare clients and conducts hospital audits every month to measure all these parameters and bring necessary improvements. It measures important aspects of the healthcare consultation experience and shares the results in the form of updation of policies, timelines, as well as establish training needs for the staff.

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