Family Engagement with Partners in Trade Loyalty Programs

Most of the loyalty programs run in the market tend to focus only on the individual transactions. Some programs go beyond and try to incorporate elements of continuous attachment and incentivize the partners for long term association. Only a handful however go beyond the business-like transactional relationships and try to develop an emotional connection with the partners. In this post we will look at one way in which emotional connection can be fostered.

To break the clutter of having conversations related only to business and targets with the partners, one should look to engaging the families of the partners. By acknowledging their contribution and providing the families with memorable moments of joy and happiness brands can earn positive association and higher recall from their partners.

One kind of activities to drive such engagement can be planned around spouses of the partners. Inviting the spouses to recreational activities, acknowledging their support and contribution in best performing partners’ performance can go a long way in ensuring positive association. Another small thing which is easy to do is to wish them on their wedding anniversaries.

The best activities to drive such engagement however can be planned around the kids. By conducting competitive activities and providing scholarships and awards to kids is a sure-shot way of ensuring positive association with the brand. Nothing ensures emotional connection more than seeing the pride and happiness in their kids faces and knowing that a brand is responsible for that.

One such activity was conducted by us for a client recently. The details can be found in the case study here

This event was widely appreciated and saw much higher participation than expected. It led to glowing testimonials from channel partners to the client and was highly clutter breaking as no other brand had run any such activity for the target audience. Owing to the success of the program the plan is to make it a recurring activity and hold it in much larger scale in future editions.

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