Mystery Shopping Mobile App Essentials

A good mystery shopping app is a very crucial weapon in the arsenal of any mystery shopper worth his or her salt. They use and rely on the app for capturing mandatory proofs and reporting. It becomes very essential that the app also supports the users with its features and capabilities. Here we have listed some features which are must haves for any modern mystery shopping app.

  • Geo Tagging

An audit conducting app should be able to track the shopper in order to verify whether the audit was genuinely conducted at the audit location or not. The app should have a feature to capture the GPS for every response made by the shopper. This will help the companies in case the findings of the audit report are challenged.

  • Bar Code Scanner

An inventory audit software app should contain the tools which the shopper may require in order to conduct the inventory audits. Sometimes inventory audits may require the shopper to scan the bar codes to record the details of the SKU present. In this scenario, often a third party app is used by the shopper to record this data. Bringing it in form which is understandable as a report after it has been integrated with the audit app can be very challenging. An audit conducting app should do away with all this hassle and should have an in-built bar code scanner which directly records all the scanned codes which will save a lot of time for every SKU entered.

  • Audio Recorder 

For an auditing app a must have is an audio recorder functionality. Sometimes mystery shopping audits require the mystery shopper to record the interaction with the location staff. In this scenario, often a third party app is used by the shopper to record the interaction. A mystery shopping app should do away with all this hassle and should have an in-built audio recorder which will allow the shopper to record the audios without using any third party app.

  • Shopper navigation assistance 

It is a common scenario that shoppers on the field have a tough time finding the audit locations and the project schedulers also face lot of problems in coordinating with the shoppers on a call. A mystery shopping app should offer a technological solution where the location of the shop is geo tagged and the shopper can simply tap on an icon for navigation which will help the shopper to navigate towards the exact spot where the audit location is.

  • Offline Access 

Often the audit locations are present in remote areas/locations and have connectivity issues. Ensuring that an audit genuinely takes place in such an area can be a challenge. An audit app should offer a feature through which the shopper can perform the audit and record the responses in offline mode and the captured responses can be submitted whenever the mobile data becomes available or WiFi zone is approached.

  • Multimedia upload

In the presence of so many multimedia formats, there is no way to predict which format will be used by the shopper to upload the proofs. The auditing app should be able to handle all kinds of formats of pictures and videos.

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