Mystery Shopping Software Best Practices for Shopper Management

In mystery audits, going through the requirements, scenarios and the mandatory proofs that need to be collected in an audit is quite a task in itself, add to it the pressure of remembering it all and reproducing it in real life.  As a mystery shopper they are already conscious to their surroundings, on top of that if they happen to meddle up their scenarios and miss capturing some mandatory proofs, they might have the report returned back to them, worst case scenario, their report gets rejected and they are not paid for their efforts. The mystery shopping management software should be capable enough to handle such scenarios and provide an interface where the mystery shopper can view the training material before doing the audit and also get themselves certified. Below mentioned are the points which help the project users in selecting an ideal shopper for the assignment.

  • Finding right set of people for the job

It is the role of the project users to find right set of people to do the assignment. It is difficult to identify such people as you want the best person to do your assignment. The mystery shopping software should be intelligent enough to provide the project users with right candidates available for assignment based on the past assignments done by the mystery shoppers. Based on the ratings achieved by the mystery shoppers in the past audits the project users can take a decision of finding which shopper will be right for the job.

  • Training material & Training Assessments

Each client requirements are different hence training the mystery shoppers in order to fulfil that the mystery shoppers should be provided with some or the other training prior to the audit. Understanding of what needs to be performed during the audit should be thorough to the shoppers. There can be different methods through which the training can be imparted to the mystery shoppers. The mystery shopping software should have some interface where the mystery shoppers are able to view the training content in form of presentations, PDFs, Videos etc. in order to get well versed with what needs to be performed in the audit. Each training content should be supported with training assessments which shall allow the administrator to know how much the shoppers have gained from the training content. The mystery shopping software should have the functionality through which the mystery shoppers can take the certification quizzes and tests in order to prove the grasp of their knowledge.

  • Preparation of shoppers prior to the audit

Preparing shoppers prior to the audit is the mantra to avoid such unpleasant situations. The project users should train their shoppers in such a way that they go through the training document and questionnaire multiple times, lay out their clothes as the guidelines suggest. The shopper should play out the scenarios in their mind to practice them. Here’s when the need of Training Management of the mystery shoppers comes into play. Hence a mystery shopping management software should be capable enough to tackle such scenarios. It should provide some interface where the training material can be shared with the mystery shoppers and the mystery shoppers can get themselves certified prior to taking up the audit.  

  • Selection of best possible shopper for the assignment

Selecting and screening of shoppers is an important job prior to assigning an audit to them. Through this process you will ensure that the mystery shoppers will meet the job expectations. Skilled and experienced mystery shoppers can perform the job assignment in a better way as compared to an unexperienced and an unskilled mystery shopper. Such mystery shoppers will be able to review specific facets of operations. Intelligent system checks need to be applied in a mystery shopping management software which ensures that a mystery shopper has gone through the training material and is certified even before they go for audit.

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