How IoT Improves the Effectiveness of Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising has always been an activity executed for increasing the visibility in offline trade with the help of traditional elements of advertisements which communicates & spread awareness about brand, its products or services.

There are big budgets linked to offline trade marketing, in store visual merchandising & in-store communication but there was no method to record analytics out of the actual spend till now. Thus, there was a need of a tool which can help brands in analysing the effectiveness of visual merchandising execution in store.  Generic problem with visual merchandising through traditional POSM is that once is deployed, there is no remote method to analyse how many people actually looked at it? or how many times it was seen with interest? or what age group looked at the advertisement more? etc.

Internet is the answer to all such questions. By integrating the connectivity through internet, intelligence of  applications programmed to capture the data & using POSM element's hardware  used fo the VM activity, one can check how many people actually saw the advertisement & what are other demographies of viewers.

The best example of one such element is a floor standing units with LED screen enclosed in a beautiful box with front glass & hidden devices for connectivity. It is called digital FSU or Kiosk. Following are its advantages:

  • Real time content change
  • Multiple campaigns can run on single device
  • Language can be changed for difference devices basis geography & customer needs
  • Real time campaign launch without any transportation, printing, production cost for new launches.
  • Easy Installation
  • No drilling
  • No Grouting
  • It also save on recce cost because no special recce is required. One just need to enrol the outlets
  • Easy to move within outlet
  • No wire management
  • Easy to shift to other retailers whenever required
  • Can be placed at the most prominent locations within LFRs without depending on wall locations
  • Easy maintenance without hampering the store cleanliness

Following data points can be collected with the help of connected POSM

  • Data on viewership
  • Activity time per day
  • Active/Running status
  • Number of People watched the campaigns/advertisements
  • Demographic analytics
  • Viewer's category based content trigger automatically.

Such elements for in-store communication & Integrated marketing communications are the next big thing in offline market. We use different methodologies & approach for the brands basis their requirements & to meet their budgets while providing this solution. You can connect through our contact us page to know more on this subject.

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