How Mystery Shopping & Audits Can help Education Institutes

With over 50% population below the age of 25 years, India is a promising opportunity in the education space and has seen a lot traction over the past decade. The education sector has been increasingly becoming organized with a lot of edu-brands expanding their footprint to lower tier cities. International education brands are also increasingly entering India market with 100% FDI (automatic route) allowance in the sector. However, in the process of expanding penetration, an educational brand tends to have lesser visibility on operational philosophy of running a sensitive business model like education. The operational concerns range from basic hygiene issues to grave security flaws.

Channelplay conducts Mystery Shopping & Audits for a few educational brands to provide meaningful information around such business concerns in order to help brands make relevant improvements. Following are the types of operational concerns faced by edu-brands and relevant services to assess adherence to SOP’s:

  1. Retail Hygiene | Through Declared Audits - The education institute’s environment plays a vital part when it comes to parents placing it in their consideration set. A clean and well-maintained interior appeals the parents and gives them a feeling that their child will thrive well. To ensure operational hygiene SOP’s are adhered, the auditor evaluates:
  • Institute Infrastructure – Cleanliness & maintenance of Classrooms, Playgrounds, Assembly Area, Canteen, Other activity rooms etc.
  • Institute Equipment & Fittings – Working condition of Blackboards, projectors, security cameras, AC’s, other machinery
  • Branding – Exterior signage, interior branding
  1. Staff Assessment | Through Mystery Shopping: Institute staff interaction makes or breaks parent experience and the same is assessed basis the following parameters:
  • Staff grooming – dressed in formals, well-kept hair/beard etc.
  • Communication skills – Courteousness, listening skills, presentation skills
  • Counselling session assessment – Staff product knowledge, handling queries, promoting institute’s USP’s, competition objection handling
  1. Ethics Check | Through Mystery Shopping: Education is a field where merit should supersede any other parameter. However, every now & then we hear about donation-based admissions. It can easily tarnish the image of an educational brand if its staff engages in such activities. Channelplay, by way of mystery shopping can ensure such practices are identified and reported timely. The types of checks performed to evaluate the ethics of staff are:
  • Admission enrollment - Accepting donations for admission
  • Written test assessment – Appearing in a test and asking for help from invigilator in exchange of money

Channelplay helps brands in education segment to identify parameters which concern their operational hygiene and bring all-round improvement. If you a brand which is in education industry with similar business concerns listed above, please feel free to fill the form at the bottom of this page or visit our website.

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