How Mystery Shopping & Audits Can help Automobile industry in retail?

Creating a distinct shopping experience that motivates customers to choose a particular dealership or service center over the competition is critical. Due to the big-ticket nature of the purchases and the potential elapsed time between those purchases, creating customer loyalty and advocacy is essential.

Mystery Shopping & Retail Audits at Automobile stores can provide meaningful information to brands and help them make relevant improvements.

1. Sales Experience at Car Showrooms
| Through Mystery Shopping - Mystery shopping is a great way to measure exactly what went right and what went wrong at the moment of truth when customers come into contact with employees at the showroom. The audits can be conducted at car showrooms as well as 2nd hand car dealerships. The parameters evaluated in such audits involve the following-
  • Appointment Fixing
  • Showroom Hygiene
  • Sales staff Interaction & Product Knowledge
  • Sales process adherence
  • Cross sell/Up-sell
  • Test Drive
  • Insurance & Financing
  • Follow up Procedure
2. Service Experience at Car Workshops | Through Mystery Shopping - Brands want to give their customer a valuable After-sales experience and hence it becomes imperative to check whether their workshop adheres to the stipulated brand standards. The parameters evaluated in such audits involve the following-
  • Appointment Fixing
  • Waiting Area
  • Greeting & Consultation
  • Job work preparation
  • Service quality
  • Service cost & Delivery time - Promised vs Actual
  • Integrity Check
  • Billing Process
3. Operational Hygiene | Through Declared Audits - The hygiene standards of a showroom plays an important role as the customers prefer innovation, personal touch & pampering in the car buying experience. Today’s automobile industry is about giving exciting experience to customers and go beyond selling cars.

As part of the retail audit the following are evaluated-

  • Basic Hygiene
  • Admin Facilities
  • Staff Grooming
  • Branding & Infrastructure
  • Availability of Cars
  • Functionality of Cars

Channelplay works with leading Automobile brands to conduct various audits and present detailed outcomes based on the stated parameters to bring necessary changes and improve consumer experience. If you require similar services, please fill the form at the bottom of this page or visit our website (

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