How Mystery Shopping & Audits Can Improve Retail of Sanitaryware Brand

With increasing disposable income and exposure to global tastes & trends, consumers have started spending on the bathroom space. As a result, Sanitaryware industry has experienced a lot of retail traction over the last decade with brands increasing their penetration by opening more stores and resorting to more selling channels. However, in that process, a brand tends to dilute its control on retail SOP’s and hence face business concerns.

Channelplay conducts Mystery Shopping & Audits for top brands in Sanitaryware space to provide meaningful information around such business concerns in order to help brands make relevant improvements. Following are the types of operational concerns faced by brands and relevant services to assess adherence to retail SOP’s:

  1. Retail Hygiene | Through Declared Audits - The store environment plays a vital part when it comes to the customer buying products from the store. A clean and well-maintained interior appeal to the customer and has a lingering effect on his choice. To ensure the same, the auditor evaluates:
  • Signage – Visibility and condition
  • Store Interiors – Clutter free and with proper lightning; visibility of brand area
  • Branding – Availability, placement & maintenance
  • Fixture & Demo Units: Availability, condition and presence of relevant product specification cards
  1. In-store promoter performance | Through Mystery Shopping: In-store promoter makes or breaks consumer experience and the same is assessed basis the following parameters:
  • Promoter grooming
  • Promoter product knowledge
  • Sales process adherence – need assessment, & solutioning
  • Selling skills – cross sell & upsell, follow up
  1. Market operating price adherence | Through Mystery Shopping: Usually, brands provide a suggested retail price (SRP) to their dealers and adherence to the same ensures health of the channel and reduces conflicts among dealers. Channelplay, by way of mystery shopping can ensure that best prices are gathered from the market to identify any breach against SRP as well as discounting patterns across various competition brands.
  1. Brand Recommendation | Through Mystery Shopping: Sanitaryware is an industry where retailers can influence the choice of consumers in a multi-brand environment and hence it is essential to know whether the dealer propagates a brand and the reasons around the same and accordingly a remedial plan can be actioned upon.
  1. Brand Exclusivity | Through Mystery Shopping: Sanitaryware brands aims to maintain brand exclusivity with dealers by maximizing the store space utilized for their brand’s display vs competition. Adherence to the same by the dealer is usually a concern and can be tackled through mystery shopping where competition brand stocking is assessed.

Channelplay works with the leading sanitary ware brands to conduct various audits and present detailed outcomes based on the stated parameters to bring necessary changes and improve consumer experience. If you a brand which is in an industry with similar business concerns listed above, please feel free to fill the form at the bottom of this page or visit our website.

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