How Mystery Shopping can help evaluate Consumer Experience at Salons?

With growing urbanization and rising disposable incomes, consumers have started availing a variety of services from salons. There has been an increasing frequency of visit to salons and like any other service, repeat purchase depends on the service professional and the quality of service delivered. These salons are the ones where services are offered by skilled staff, but at the same time the customer is also paying for and expecting an experience: one that is pleasing, relaxing and enjoyable.

Channelplay designs specialized mystery shopping programs for salons, to assess general standards of customer service, relevant product and service-related advice, consultative selling skills of staff and service delivery. The parameters of evaluation include:

  1. Reservation
    • Ease of reserving an appointment over call - attempts made to reach out to the executive, time taken to book the appointment
    • Basic call etiquettes – Greetings, use of standard call opening and closing script (brand, outlet name, staff introduction)
    • Soft skills – empathy, professional behavior, polite conversation
    • Knowledge – informing about ongoing offers & packages, answering all product related information
  1. Salon Exterior
    • Ease of locating the salon
    • Signage visibility – condition and quality of signage
    • Entrance – cleanliness and maintenance
    • Window & door glass upkeep
  1. Reception & Waiting area
    • Welcoming
    • Upkeep and cleanliness of the reception desk
    • Staff Attentiveness
    • Complete and proper handover to the salon consultant
    • Availability & Quality of service menu and Feedback books
    • Cleanliness of the waiting area
    • Proper seating area available
    • Waiting time to be captured
  1. Infrastructure & Ambiance
    • Overall appearance of the salon
    • Cleanliness & maintenance of the salon – Walls, floors, ceiling, customer seats, mirrors etc.
    • Lighting in the salon
    • Music played in the salon – comfortable or too loud
    • Temperature inside the salon
    • Salon layout – user friendly or cluttered
  1. Employee standards
    • Grooming standards of the employees - clean, ironed, well-kept clothes, clean nails, shoes
    • Greetings
    • Organized service without repetition of instructions
    • Upselling, cross-selling or any suggestive selling done
    • First-time resolution to all customer queries
  1. Service/s Availed
    • Duration of service
    • Quality of service delivery
    • Descriptive narration of the service experience
  1. Salon Hygiene
    • Availability of housekeeping staff at all times
    • Hygiene standards maintained for all salon tools and equipment
    • Washroom hygiene and cleanliness
  1. Billing
    • Correct and complete bill provided to customer
    • Objection handling – check staff response to scenarios like no bill in lieu of cash, reaction on praising competition salon
    • Cashier knowledge – informing customers about loyalty programs

Channelplay evaluates salons on the above parameters as well as brand SOP’s and provides insights to improve their service delivery eventually resulting in increased customer loyalty.

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