How Mystery Shopping Can Help Evaluate Online Customer Experience?

Customer service is the backbone of any business and it has always been a priority element for the brand. With technology taking majority of the workload, it is imperative for the brands to bring in digital modes of communication with their customers and hence more and more businesses are moving to web-based communication channels like Live chat, email or website, as they are easy and the most cost-effective modes of communication.

Our web-based mystery shopping programs involve evaluating a company’s web experience from a customer’s perspective. Most often these programs include benchmarking competition as wellDifferent set of communication channels are evaluated by way of different set of parameters, such as:

  1. Live Chat: Through live chat mystery shopping, mystery shoppers assess digital customer experience and processes delivered by teams in line with the service standards and expectations. Live chat mystery shopping provides insight into the quality, accuracy and timeliness of responses and is assessed through:
    • Chat widget availability on the company website
    • Technical ability and functionality of the online chat system
    • Average time waiting for chat to be answered
    • Length of chat
    • Staff/chatbot’s product knowledge with respect to the scenario/process inquired
    • Time to resolution
  1. Email: Channelplay’s email mystery shopping program comprises emailing an enquiry to each of the nominated outlet or central facility. The mystery shoppers use different email addresses across various domains to avid detection. The essential parameters which are evaluated are as follows:
    • Email address accessibility
    • Automatic response: First response TAT, Personalization (if any)
    • Email Response: TAT, Personalized or templatized, empathy displayed
    • Staff Knowledge: All queries addressed and resolved, first time resolution
  1. Website: Channelplay’s curated website mystery shopping solution typically involves investigating specific products, services and information available on the company website. The essential parameters which are evaluated are as follows:
    • Website accessibility
    • Website layout, content & navigation
    • Ease of finding the desired product/services or information on the website
    • Complete & accurate information available on the website

Channelplay’s Mystery shopping experts provide you with an unbiased feedback to help you offer great customer service and to build strong customer support system for your customers.

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