How To Transition A Large Scale VM Program In 30 Days.?

Before we step ahead on discussion regarding subject mentioned above we first need to understand how to analyze the requirement of change in VM agency to which you are currently associated.

Expectation of the brand could be with regards to increase in productivity, quality of execution, control mechanisms, hygiene or discipline management. When things are not going in the right direction as per the desired criteria or you have not seen any improvement in the quality of working since long after setting the expectations - it may betime to change the agency. 

Often, managers resist to take change decision on such a big scale & they strive to improve the situations through different methods with same Visual Merchandising partner. This effects management perception on their credibility in their decision-making skills & situation can become worse in case of recurrence for a long time. Let’s understand how it can be avoided & how we can do a smooth transition from one agency to another VM partner.

Here we are talking about a large VM manpower program having different hierarchical levels, operating in multiple cities with 100+ field manpower. Situation can be improved & brought to desired levels by selecting the right VM partner with experience in handling such transitions.

Smooth Transition is the key to success in large VM manpower transition from one agency to another & it can be done with the help of implementing below mentioned transition plan of 30 days:


VM Transition Plan.jpg

Detailed breakup of each & every step is mentioned below:

Contract Signing & project Kick Start: This is the most important part to initiate with in a project transition. Contract Signing wherein all the important clauses terms & conditions should be mentioned & it could also include the purchase order or work order document provided to VM partner.

Field Employee Hiring: In large VM programs you cannot hire all the manpower in one go thus segregation of the important towns/locations plays an important role here. It is here referred as Main Town & Outstation towns. Main towns referred to as important locations & outstations will be considered as less important in comparison to main towns. 1st Day to 18th Day ramp plan includes sourcing, interview & selection of the filed manpower. Accordingly, sourcing of manpower should be planned. Similarly, outstation town employees ramp up plan should not exceed 22 days.

Notice to Non- Transitioned Employees: There could be few employees who will not be transitioned in the process due to following reasons:

  1. Performance issue
  2. Unwillingness due to personal issue or due to better opportunity.
  3. Location change issue.

So, in these cases a notice as per the existing manpower contract is to be shared with the employees.

Training & Documentation: Training & Documentation should be immediately started post hiring completion of the filed team. Training PPTs & document checklist should be ready before hiring & training venues should be planned before-hand. Training for main town & outstation towns should be completed within 22 & 27 days. It consists of 2 day class room & 2 day field session.

Tools/Stationery/Kits procurement & Dispatch: Field team needs some elements in their kits & kit bags to carry the PoSM material to deploy in the market. They cannot go to market with bare hands. Procurement & dispatches of these elements should be planned & delivery to VM locations at the time of their training in market should be ensured.

Asset Reconciliation & assignment: There could be company assets lying with the employees which should be reconciled with the numbers given at the time of inception of project. Assets should be recovered from everyone at the time of transition so that it can be again handed over as per the new agency’s asset handover policy. Proactive planning of same day recovery & handover will be a key for the smooth transition here. It can be started post training completion activity.

Vendors/Warehouse Finalizations: Any agency should plan their sub vendor finalizations by 24th day. There could be different types of vendors which can be required in a VM related work like printing vendors, Tools vendors, warehouse & storage vendors etc. This activity should be started immediately after confirmation of the work because it can take lot of time to finalize vendors in different cities.

Data Management/PJP Creation: Journey plan of the filed team should be prepared & agreed in advance before initiation of the execution of project. It is a driver of the project which should be monitored religiously. It is advised to have mix of manpower (Old & new). This will allow in transition of the knowledge & data to new resources & new resources will help in bringing new thoughts & zeal into system. 

Following aforementioned 30 days plan will help a brand in effective transition of the large scale VM project. If you wanted to know more about this in detail with complete transition plan, please contact us through our contact us page.

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