Importance of Visual Planogram & Product Planogram

“Change is the only constant in today’s world” --Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

This perfectly applies to retail markets as well due to ever changing products to offer. The biggest challenge which brands typically face is to hold back their customers in respective retail outlets. One of the possible ways to solve this issue is to present best what they retain to offer, at the most prime location of the outlet. These prime locations of the retail outlets are also known as hotspots in retail language. The process to ensure that hotspots are occupied with the best visuals & products at the right time is known as product & visual planogram activity.

Understanding Visual Planogram:

In continuation to above, visual planogram is the activity of sequencing, prioritizing the visuals of goods/services offered by brands in their retail outlets basis their importance/colour/sizes or other different classifications.

Let’s understand this with a real-life example: You entered in an apparel store wherein visuals of men’s shirt department are placed in the sequence basis different sizes. But while checking the actual products you found that visuals mentioned above are not matching with the sizes mentioned on the shirts placed. This will confuse you as a customer & probability of losing you as customer increases if some representative did not solve your confusion immediately. Despite solution of your problem, your perception about the hygiene of the brand placement will for sure dissolute. Thus, visual planogram activity is being taken by brands seriously.

Understanding Product Planogram:

Product planogram is similar to visual planogram but with regards to products offered by the brands. You need to set the sequence of the products basis different classifications namely costs, launch dates, product family etc.

A live example will help you understand this better: You entered in a watch showroom with hundreds of watches placed in a single counter/fixtures without any classification, category. In this case, as a customer, you will not be able to identify the required watch without spending superfluous time in the store. This should not be the case in case all watches are segregated basis categories, families, or basis there range criterion. Thus, effective planogram not only saves the time but change the customer’s perception as well.


Visual & product planograms are interdependent & should go hand in hand in a retail environment. A non-synchronised visual & product planogram creates confusions & leads to drop of conversion in the stores. Let’s understand this with practical example: You entered in a cell-phone shop with a thought to buy a smartphone without finalizing one. You saw multiple live demos in the outlet. Unfortunately, visuals of the demos are not synced and placed basis previous planogram. However, phones on display are sequenced basis new product planogram. This will create misunderstanding/misperception & may delay or lead to lose of sales from the outlet. Thus, both goes hand in hand & should be managed collectively.

Channelplay Expertise:

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