Making Sales Force Utilize Loyalty Programs Through Email Reporting

Trade and Channel Loyalty Programs have two basic success metrics. One is the operational excellence part which is essentially driving the basic deliverables of the program. This include stuff like timely communication, accurate data management and on-time reward delivery. The second kind of metrics are those which actually measure the difference made by the loyalty programs. These include things like sales growth, stickiness and target achievement.

Many loyalty programs tend to focus on the first kind of metrics ignoring the second kind. We at Channelplay however go beyond that and try to deliver on the second kind of metrics as well. And one important way to achieve that is by ensuring that the salesforce of our clients is optimally utilising the program in their transactions with the channel partners.

In the past we have covered how this can be done using mobile applications in this article - . But doing it through mobile application might not be possible in all cases owing to budgetary or behavioural concerns. And while it may be a good solution at the frontline level, it might not be appropriate for the higher rungs of sales teams. For such cases we develop and deploy auto email reports.

Auto Email Reports are essentially reports containing the major metrics of the program which are scheduled to be sent to all the people in the salesforce according to their geography and hierarchy. The Reports can be made more actionable by highlighting the concern cases and prioritising them appropriately. Work practices can be developed among the Sales teams to review the reports when received collectively and charting out their action plans.

These kinds of reports have the advantage of ensuring the salesforce doesn’t lose focus on the important deliverables and the concerned partners. They also go a long way in inculcating disciplined work culture in the sales team.

By implementing auto email reports brands can ensure they are extracting the maximum possible value out of their loyalty programs. If you want us to help you in designing your loyalty programs where such kind of reports can be used, please leave your details in the form in this link and let us get back to you.


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