Measure Customer Experience at Real Estate Site using Mystery Shopping

Real estate is a high consideration purchase – both in terms of value and time invested by customers.  For such industries, customer experience is of integral importance which includes every touch point the customer interacts with – from how quickly a brand responds to their inquiries through various mediums of communication (website/call/email) to how the experience turns out to be at sales office and site visit.

Mystery shopping provides in-depth narrative and analysis through an objective assessment of customer experience, thereby generating actionable improvement plans. Channelplay conducts a lot of mystery shopping exercises for real estate industry. Below are some of the essential parameters which are evaluated in such audits:
  1. Booking an Appointment: Before a sales office visit is planned, an appointment is booked either through the realtor’s website or by calling their call center. The following parameters are evaluated at this step:
    • User-friendliness of navigation on website
    • Ease of registering the request on website
    • of attempts required to connect with the call center
    • Receiving call from the sales team at slot suggested by shopper
  1. Site visit: The next step after booking an appointment is the site visit which involves evaluating the following parameters for customer experience:
    1. Infrastructure, Furniture & fittings: 
      • Maintenance & upkeep
      • Cleanliness, Lighting & Temperature
      • Branding – Exterior & Interior
    2. Staff Interaction: Staff interaction is the most important element of the audit for which various sub parameters are evaluated:
      • Product knowledge: The staff in a real estate business needs to be up-to-date on the various aspects related to construction, finance and offers etc. Our shopper asks specific queries expecting complete and accurate responses to help the client identify specific training needs.
      • Selling skills: The staff must be trained to assess the need and then provide a solution to the customer to fit that need and budget. Our shoppers are trained to assess upsell and cross sell (other projects of same realtor) scenarios.
      • Competition Intelligence: Being a high consideration purchase, customers usually have a lot of options in their consideration set and hence the staff must have adequate awareness & knowledge about competition projects in order to suggest points of differentiation which would become the key purchase considerations for the customers.
      • Follow up: Real estate purchase decisions are taken over a considerable period of time, hence follow up is an essential parameter to evaluate in mystery shopping. Follow up must be done timely, as per the slot suggested by customers.
  2. Integrity: It’s important to ensure that the staff and other company employees are maintaining professional integrity. Integrity checks for data leakage where contact details of prospective buyers are shared with third-party brokers.

Channelplay conducts a lot of real estate mystery shopping and have the right profile of mystery shoppers who are trained and experienced to evaluate the complete lifecycle of customer experience from appointment booking process to construction site visit. If you want us to help you out with your mystery shopping requirement, please fill the form at the end of this page or on our website.

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