Mystery Shopping – A Great Tool To Measure Consumer Experience

Mystery Shopping - A Great Tool To Measure Consumer Experience

In current times of cut throat competition, with marginal difference in the selling price of any product/service, the only thing that gets preference is how good a brand is in providing great consumer experience.

Most brands have understood it and hence there is an increased focus on training of the front line sales executives and managers. They need to remain customer focused and translate all their experience and learning in what the organization expects them to deliver to its consumers.

Brands have always struggled to measure the quality of the consumer experience delivered by its front line brand representatives. An effective tool to do so is Mystery Shopping.

The execution methodology involves a trained and aware person, who exactly fits into the customer profile of the brand, walking into the designated shop and critically examining various touch points that lead to a great consumer experience like:


The experience at each of the touchpoint is recorded both quantitatively and qualitatively and then an actionable report is generated for the brand to take appropriate corrective & preventive action.

Mystery Shopping is a versatile tool and can be effectively used across various retail outlets including exclusive outlets, shop-in-shops, multi-brand outlets and more.

In my next blog I will get deeper into each of the above points, so keep in touch.

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