Add-On Services Desired from a Mystery Shopping Software Provider

The Mystery Shopping Software should help the organizations to fully automate their mystery shopping operations and end to end streamlining of their back-end operations. The selection of the mystery shopping software provider is dependent on several factors, out of which the services offered by a Mystery Shopping Software provider is one of the critical parameters. If a Mystery Shopping Software has lot of advanced features but the after sales service of that software provider are not good then all the advanced features of that software are of no use. For the selection of a mystery shopping software provider the companies rely on the Services offered by the software provider to make sure that they have an endless support for the software. Following are the few services that a mystery shopping software provider should provide to its customers:

  • Training & Support: The mystery shopping software provider should make sure that their customer is fully prepared to use their platform at the fullest. Mystery Shopping Software’s are powerful and complex platforms that allow their customers to provide their clients the best business solutions. The software should be highly intuitive and should be easy to learn for the personnel. To help the customers the Mystery Shopping Software provider should provide online as well as on-site trainings so that the personnel who should use the software are well trained about the system. Apart from trainings the mystery shopping software provider should provide a dedicated account manager which will help the company using the software in the best possible way. Dedicated help-desk team should be provided by the software providing company which will resolve all the system related issues for the customers. Through the help-desk support mechanism the customers could raise the issues as tickets at any time.
  • Custom Developments & Customizations: Any software should be flexible enough to allow customizations at any point of time. Every mystery shopping client is unique in its requirements from a mystery shopping software, hence the software needs to be extremely flexible to be able to accommodate all the requirements that a client may have. Whether it’s a new functionality in the system, a new kind of report or design, a mystery shopping software should have the capability to accommodate these kind of changes.
  • Integrations: Mystery Shopping Software should be flexible in design to allow API Access and data integrations. Through data integration the mystery shopping software should be able to combine the data residing in different sources and provide the customer with a unified view of the system. The mystery shopping software should have the capability to allow Integration of the system with the third-party applications in order to provide advance features. The software should have the functionality through which the data of the clients from the existing system can get exported to the new system by writing some specific programs.

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