PoSM Supply Chain Management

(Game Changer for Effective In-Store Communication)

Often brand managers are stuck with issues like last minute retail visibility strategy building, which leads to thin timelines for executors. This is a new normal in current scenario leading to the necessity of fast pace supply chain management agencies who understand the sensitivity of the situation & outperform all the obstacles for the effective execution at store. Generally, following steps are involved from strategy building to final execution in market:

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Point number 5, 6 & 7 covers supply chain management & we will discuss about the points to keep in mind while using/implementing SCM strategy in execution.

Packaging: Material packaging plays a vital role in safeguarding the physical appearance of the PoSM elements in transit. Below are the packaging methods mentioned basis different type of PoSM elements.

  • Paper Based PoSM: Bubble wrapping the PoSM packets and cardboard wrapping tied with Nylon strings.
  • Acrylic & Glass PoSM: Bubble wrapping the entire element. Safety packing with thermocol, covered by grooved/corrugated thick cardbox. Packed in wooden box post stuffing the thermocol inside the eliminate any vacant space.

Reconfirmation of delivery location: Complete address details are a must before dispatching the elements. Often people use old data for the regular dispatches. This leads to a return or loss of the material leading to impact on the business.

Identifying the right logistic partner: There are several start-ups in this domain coming up with new & revolutionary technology to track the consignment on real time basis but on the other hand there reach to tier 3 town is questionable. We need to take our decision accordingly in choosing the right logistic partner. Following points can help in taking the right decision:

  • Real Time Tracking Mechanism: There are agencies in India who claim to provide real time tracking mechanism of transit elements but their processes are not strong enough to meet the requirements. So, it is imperative to choose partners basis there experience & by doing a pilot project.
  • Reachability: Many retail companies are targeting rural & developing markets majorly in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. This lead to the necessity of reachability of logistics agencies to tier 3 towns in India. So, one needs to identify the logistic partner’s basis their market penetration requirement.
  • TAT & SLA: Finding the right partner can be easy but freezing the TAT & agreeing on an SLA is crucial. Generally, below mentioned TAT/SLA is used:
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 13.33.44
  • Insurance: During transit, there are many incidents which causes loss/theft of material. Insurance can cover those losses with minimal cost.

Backward Planning: In today’s world things are very dynamic. By the time previous month’s coverage is over new deployment guidelines are received & changeover is required. To meet the deadlines one should do rigorous backward planning before inception of the execution. Stakeholders should be aligned in advance along with executors to set the expectations right & bringing everyone on same page.

At Channelplay, we have tie up with multiple logistics vendors with experience of various industries. We help brands in managing there end to end execution of visual merchandising. Let’s connect through our contact us page for more details.

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