Project and Operations Management through Mystery Shopping Software

Mystery shopping companies find it difficult to monitor ongoing projects, track deadlines, appraise stakeholders about project progress and face many more problems. To manage the mystery shopping operations and to tackle these problems a mystery shopping company should have the support of a mystery shopping software. Representation of data in form of interactive dashboards and reports could help these mystery shopping companies to gain complete insights on their operations. A mystery shopping software should be capable enough to help mystery shopping companies for end to end management of audit program enabling real time data collection, analysis & presentation of findings. Below listed are the few features through which a Mystery Shopping Software should help mystery shopping companies in managing their projects and operations:

  • Project Management: A mystery shopping software needs to be capable to track overall and individual project progress, track timelines and set targets for executives to fulfil. Automatic generated reports to appraise the stakeholders about project progress and project execution timelines. This will help the mystery shopping companies to manage their mystery shopping operations in a better way. Mystery shopping software should have the capability to generate the findings and analysis in form of customized reports and dashboards. The reports should contain the data which will help the top-level executives to get an overview of their operations. The project progress reports should contain the details of the number of locations assigned, reports submitted etc.
  • Real Time Data: A dashboard representation in the best way of displaying the meaningful data in form of graphs and charts. Operations dashboard should act as a platform through which the top-level executives have access to the live reporting. It enables the top-level managers to gain complete insight on the operational efficiencies and progress of the projects. These project management dashboards and reports will help the top-level managers to do a deep dive analysis of the data and identify the progress of different projects.
  • Actionable Operations Reports: Actionable operations reports are cumulative presentation of the assignment and execution progress of different projects. Through these reports the top-level managers will understand about the gaps and improvement areas in the project execution. The reports should help the top-level executives to see a snapshot of the operations related to multiple projects.
  • Extensive Dashboard Reporting: Each mystery shopping company has different informational needs. Whether they want to report the data to the executives who need an interactive dashboard, managers who want to drill to detail in an interactive report, an analyst who needs to explore and visualize data or a low-level manager who wants a printable PDF of the highlights. Hence a mystery shopping software should be capable enough to fulfil the requirements of each stakeholder involved in the project.

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