Relevance of LMS in a Mystery Shopping Software

Every mystery audit is conducted with a purpose of assessment of some parameters intrinsic to that client. Since every client has different set of standard operating processes it is very easy for the shopper to mix up parameters and scenarios if proper training is not provided.

On the other end it is also a matter of concern for the mystery shopper providing firm to select the proper shopper for the job and making sure that the individual is properly trained.

It is here that an Learning Management System come to rescue. Before any mystery shopper can apply for an opportunity, he/ she can be asked to go through a training document which covers the nuances of the audit and thereafter be subjected to a certification containing questions related to the training document.

Each client requirements are different hence training the mystery shoppers in order to fulfil that they are provided with some or the other training prior to the audit. Understanding of what needs to be performed during the audit should be thorough to the shoppers. There can be different methods through which the training can be imparted to the mystery shoppers. The mystery shopping software should have some interface where the mystery shoppers are able to view the training content in form of presentations, PDFs, Videos etc. in order to get well versed with what needs to be performed in the audit. Each training content should be supported with training assessments which shall allow the administrator to know how much the shoppers have gained from the training content. The mystery shopping software should have the functionality through which the mystery shoppers can take the certification quizzes and tests in order to prove the grasp of their knowledge.

Only after the shopper has successfully completed the certification does he/ she become eligible to conduct the audit since the successful completion of the audit also signifies that the auditor knows and can successfully recall the process.

Certifications also act as proofs of the successful training of the mystery shopper and can be accessed anytime to share with any client who might have any doubts on the training of the mystery shoppers. A mystery shopping software should be intelligent enough to provide the checks which ensure that a mystery shopper has gone through the training material and is certified even before he/she go for an audit.

Also if a mystery shopper clears a certification for an audit once they can continue to do the audit without having to give any assessment related to it again as long as the parameters of the audit stay the same. Support for an LMS in a mystery shopping software gives one flexibiity to simply upload courses that one thinks are important for the shopper to take and monitor the progress in LMS dashboards. Hence an LMS will act as a medium for a mystery shopping software to provide appropriate training material to the mystery shoppers and certify them. 

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